Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet :)

About me

I am a medically qualified Biomedical Engineer and Data Scientist
with a special interest in applications of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
in the context of Clinical Medicine.

I have taken a rather odd route getting here...

I started as a budding classical musician, and even won Young Musician of the Year *cough* Cyprus *cough* at age 18.

However, when the time came to choose, I declined a scholarship at the Royal College of Music, and decided to study Medicine at the University of Bristol instead, where I also did a short stint as a Neuroscientist, in the form of an intercalated Bachelor's degree. Upon graduation, I formally taught Anatomy to medical students for the university, and then worked as a junior doctor in the NHS for two years.

Wanting to focus on medical research, and having understood that AI/ML would be the future of medicine, I decided to do a conversion MSc in Advanced Computer Science - Machine Learning and Data Mining, also at the University of Bristol. This was arguably the best year of my life, where I discovered my love for Computer Science and AI (not to mention Caramel Macchiatos!), and got to unleash my dormant inner nerd.

After some more work in the NHS as a physician, I decided to follow my inner geek and applied and got a place to study for a DPhil in Biomedical Engineering, via the 'CDT in Healthcare Innovation' programme at the University of Oxford. My Thesis work proved that current validation methods used in medical imaging yield unreliable results and provided alternatives, and also fuzzy methods to incorporate a layer of clinical explainability on the results.

During my time in Oxford, I also co-founded Sentimoto Ltd, a start-up company dealing with wearable tech for older adults.

I am currently employed as a Senior Research Officer in my second post at the University of Essex. The first post involved work on the NEVERMIND project, an EU project dealing with wearable signals for the management of secondary depression in people with life-changing primary medical events. More recently I've been working on a BARI project, involving the use of Brain-Computer Interfaces for optimal group-decision making.

I got married to my beautiful wife Constantina in 2019 (luckily, just before the COVID-19 pandemic). My favourite sport is squash. Both my wife and I are avid board game geeks and love going on cycling trips. Someday we hope to visit Japan. :)